Where to Buy Websites


If you’re looking for a great investment, buying a website might be right for you.  Indeed, when compared to real estate and offline business investments, websites have some of the best returns you’ll see.  However, if you want to buy websites, you’ll first have to know where to look.  Fortunately, there are a number of places to buy websites online.  The primary places include: auction-based website marketplaces, forums, and direct sales.  We’ll go over each one of these and touch a little bit on the advantages and disadvantages of each.


One of primary places you’ll see numerous websites up for sale is on internet marketing and webmaster forums.  There’s a ton of these types of forums out there all offering websites of varying quality.  Perhaps the only benefit of purchasing a website off of forums is that there will be a wide selection of sites to choose from.  However, therein lies the primary disadvantage – many of the websites offered on forums are of very low quality.  Furthermore, many of these websites will be outright scams with false statistics used to lure in inexperienced individuals wanting to buy websites.  If you’re just getting into the website trade, it’s best to avoid forums until you become more experienced in picking out the hidden gems.

Direct Sales

A great way to buy websites at lower prices than you’d find on either forums or marketplaces is by directly contacting the owner.  Unless the website is highly personal, many owners are willing to let their site go for a price.  The trick to getting a great deal is finding websites that have a ton of potential but aren’t yet optimized to take advantage of that potential.  The statistics will show a lower value than what can be generated with a little work.  Although this is a great method for experienced buyers, those looking to buy websites for the first time will want to stick to something a little easier to utilize.  This leads us to our final location where you can buy websites.

Auction-Based Marketplaces

There are a number of marketplaces out there specifically catered towards individuals wanting to buy and sell websites.  If you’re looking to buy your first website, these will be the best places to search as they provide a safe and convenient way to buy websites.  One of the primary advantages of auction-based website marketplaces is that they often have measures in place to weed out the scammers whether it is through verified statistics or through fees that are prohibitive and not cost effective for scamming.  Both inexperienced and experienced individuals wanting to buy websites will find the features of these marketplaces optimal for finding exactly the type of websites they want to buy.  If you’re looking for a great new website marketplace, try blarket.com.

Concluding Thoughts

Although there are a number of ways to buy websites online, some are better than others; particularly for new website buyers.  Although great deals can be found on forums and through direct contact with webmasters, the most effective and efficient way to buy websites is through an auction-based website marketplace.


Why Do People Sell Websites?


If you want to buy websites, chances are you might be a little skeptical of someone claiming that they want to sell websites that are generating income for them.  Indeed it can be difficult to comprehend, particularly if the website is generating fairly passive income.  Nevertheless, just like any other business there are a wide variety of reasons people sell websites.  In this article we’ll take a look at some of them to clear up any skepticism website buyers may have.

They Need Money

Perhaps one of the most common reasons people sell websites (or any asset for that matter) is that they require a lump sum payment for a large expense that has arose.  These expenses could be anything from a down payment on a home to medical bills for a spouse or child.  Regardless, occasions do arise in life that may require a large sum of money and sometimes the monthly revenue a website generates simply doesn’t cut it.

Fund Raising

Another popular reason people sell websites is for the purpose of raising funds for a new project.  New projects often require a great deal of investment such as designers, programmers, and content.  As such, by selling a profit generating website for a large lump sum payment they’ll acquire the funds to help them get their new project off the ground.

Lost Interest

It’s likely happened too many of you – you start a project with a lot of passion but eventually, somewhere down the line you simply lose interest.  This is a common occurrence with webmasters as often building up a successful website is more fun than running an already success one.  Losing interest in a project can be detrimental to its success.  Many times people who lose interest will cease to effectively continue to develop and promote their site.  Although this may continue to generate profit in the short-run, it’s often better to sell off the website and allow someone who is more passionate to take over.

Lack of Time

Let’s face it; running a website can take a lot of time and effort.  Aside from maintaining the existing site, there’s content to generate, promotional activities to carry out and relationships to manage.  There are plenty of occasions that may arise in a person’s life that can take away from the time they once had to run the website.  As such, a common reason people sell websites is that they simply no longer have the time to effectively manage the site.  By making the decision to sell websites they’ll not only free up time, but also generate a lump sum of money to help them in other life endeavors.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to buy websites, hopefully this article has cleared up some of the skepticism surrounding the issue of why someone would sell websites that generate an income.  It may be that they simply no longer have time to run the website or that they need money for a new project.  Regardless, it can be a great opportunity for you to take over and beef up your existing website portfolio.